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a chance of showers.
( Tsuna has a routine to his life, and while there are variations, everything stays pretty much the same. )
AUTHOR: [personal profile] kat8cha
PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Tsuna, hinted other pairings, Tsuna/Haru/Kyoko

Tsuna has a routine, a schedule. He's set in it now, and there's no changing it no matter how much he may want to. Waking up before dawn has never been his thing, especially since after a long night the water is always icy cold. The water heats up quickly, the Vongola's water heaters are top notch. The bathtub is old, ancient even, going back to the Fourth Vongola's time. (Primo started the mansion, but it wasn't finished until Secondo's time… and was subsequently destroyed and remodeled. Several times.) The bathtub has been upgraded several times, a shower being added on, gold coils leading down to the ancient water fixtures. The pipes clank and wheeze as the water loads, frigid water spitting out of the shower head and raining down on the marble bathtub. Tsuna waits until it warms before stepping into it. Steam begins to flood the bathroom, uncontained by the flimsy plastic curtain and gold shower curtain rod. The steam floats up to the beige stippled ceiling.

Tsuna starts with the top, his hair. He has troublesome hair, the reason he prefers to shower in the morning is because his hair tangles easily in his sleep. There is no hope of keeping his hair from turning into an afro, but Tsuna can keep it as orderly as possible. On bad days, Tsuna isn't careful about which shampoo he grabs. If he grabs Kyoko, or Haru's, Tsuna will walk around all day having everyone tell him he smells faintly like flowers, although personally Tsuna thinks the girl's shampoos smell like high end laundry detergent. Tsuna uses a bland shampoo, it's not noticeable, it doesn't leave a scent, but it detangles his hair and is supposed to 'smooth' it. He lathers up and rinses down, the soap and water sometimes leave Tsuna feeling dry. Stumbling out of the shower Tsuna tries not to slip. He has done it once or twice, bashed his head on the tile, or the edge of the bathtub. There is a blue shag rug on the floor, but Tsuna's missed it before, or sometimes it has been moved.

Tsuna dries himself off and wraps a towel around his waist. He pads to the sink, and wipes off the fogged up mirror with his forearm. Tired gold eyes gaze at him from the streaky surface, and Tsuna always tries to summon up a smile. Some mornings are better than others. "Morning." Tsuna croaks to himself. Some days he says it in Italian, some days in English. Some days it is Good Morning, others, it is a vague grumble. Tsuna tries to fit in a greeting of some kind every morning though.

It's not creepy to talk to himself, is it? He doesn't expect a response.

Tsuna slips his toothbrush, a pale green grip with three different colored bristles. The bristles around the edges are pushed out; Tsuna is rough on his tooth brushes. Tsuna squeezes paste onto his toothbrush and begins to clean his mouth. He takes at least a minute every morning, the minimum time to brush for healthy teeth is two minutes, but sometimes two minutes is just too much time. He spits, he rinses, and sometimes Tsuna uses mouthwash. Tsuna rinses his toothbrush and places it back in the glass and metal toothbrush holder, between Haru's purple toothbrush and Kyoko's pink brush.

Tsuna opens the door and walks into his darkened bathroom, steam and light halos him in the doorway until Tsuna flips the bathroom light off, and then it is merely steam following him into the dark bathroom. Light has barely begin to peek over the horizon, the sky outside is a dark blue-grey. Tsuna sneaks across the plush, expensive, antique carpet that lies on his floor. It's a large carpet, but Tsuna's toes brush against cool wood when he stands in front of his dresser. Tsuna is squeamish about dressing in the dark, or even in the early morning. There is a large gilded mirror on the top of his large wooden dresser, which smells strongly of sandlewood, and Tsuna has always been afraid of ghosts. The story of Bloody Mary sits strongly in the back of Tsuna's head, and after all he has seen, ghosts are not that strange. In the gloom of the room Tsuna can see the ghostly pale outlines of Kyoko and Haru in the mirror. The fine white sheet covers them both, drapes over soft curves and long limbs. Haru's dark brown hair is sprawled across one pillow, one arm holding the pillow tight to her head, her other arm is flopped over where Tsuna had been sleeping over, and is just gracing Kyoko's hip. Kyoko lays on her side, facing away from Haru and the center of the bed, the sheet tugged down so that one arm lays on top of it.

Tsuna twitches his eyes away from the mirror and looks down into his open underwear drawer instead. He never moved away from boxers after middle school. He thought that if Reborn was ever going to shoot him with a REBORN bullet, which he occasionally just for fun, then boxers covered far more than briefs. They were also more comfortable, and even though Gokudera talked about how great boxer-briefs were, Tsuna preferred to keep to his boxers. Over the years he had amassed an amusing, and large, selection. Some he never wore, like the pineapple boxers that Chrome had given him, and some he wore all the time, like the black with gold piping pair that Kyoko and Haru had given him on his last birthday. Noting that the red novelty boxers Gokudera had given him, they were covered in miniature versions of the Vongola family crest, were at the top Tsuna picked them out and lay them on top of the dresser. Socks was easier than picking out his underwear because he only had two kinds of socks. He had white athletic socks with grey toes and heel, and he had black dress socks. Unless he was working out the white socks were never appropriate, Reborn had beaten that into his head.

Tsuna checked over his shoulders before dropping the towel and pulling his boxers on quickly. You could never tell when someone was going to wake up and watch you dress. Tsuna might not be as body conscious as he used to be, but he was still a little uncomfortable with being naked, or even partially naked, in front of people. Even if said people were in a similar state of undress.

Especially if they were in a similar state of undress.

Tsuna slips his socks on, hopping awkwardly up and down on one foot as he does so. His next step, his next order of business, is the closet to pick out his suit. He actually has different kinds of suits to wear. Black, black, grey, black, pinstripe, pinstripe, black, green. Tsuna still doesn't understand the green suit. Tsuna can not think of anyone who has ever worn a green suit, he can not bring to mind anyone who would look good in a green suit. He certainly wouldn't! Tsuna picks out the pinstripe one to wear. He likes pinstripes, Tsuna is under the belief that horizontal lines make you look taller, and he hopes it's not a delusion. Tsuna never hit that hormonal highschool growth spurt that everyone else did, he has always remained short for his age. Thankfully he still remains taller than Lambo, Tsuna is not sure he will be able to handle it when Lambo shoots past him in growth.

The suit barely wrinkles when Tsuna dresses, it's not specially constructed by Leon, that suit sits at the back of the closet, waiting to be used. If an emergency happens (and one generally does) then Tsuna will simply have to replace the pinstripe. He can't stand having charred sleeves.

"Tsu-kun?" Kyoko wakes, rolls over onto her back. "Are you going?"

Tsuna lets his tie lie around his neck. He still has not gotten the hang of properly doing his tie, it takes him a while to get it right. Some days Tsuna simply waits until he sees Gokudera. "I'll see you at breakfast." Tsuna walks back over to the bed, the warm fuzz of the carpet makes Tsuna turn around and rush to the closet, picking out a set of shiny black shoes. Turning back to the bed Tsuna notes that Kyoko's eyes have shut again, her eyelids purple in the dawn light. Tsuna kisses her forehead and brushes a lock of pale blond hair away from her face. Then Tsuna heads for the door.

His shoes smack light tacking sounds all the way to his office… which is down one flight and around three corners. The study is empty when he opens the door, but Tsuna knows better than to breathe a sigh of relief. Reborn would have been up even earlier than he was, and was no doubt getting a fresh cup of coffee from the kitchen right now. Tsuna had sprung for a big, shiny, expensive espresso maker last year, and Reborn had taken shameless advantage of it. Tsuna appreciated this, because it meant he wasn't out terrorizing the cafes, and also that the buy hadn't been in vain: Tsuna didn't drink coffee. Tsuna's office is dark, lined with bookshelves and with one single window. None of the Vongola liked having their backs to windows, or their fronts, and the window is situated to give light… but not to be an easy thing for a sniper to use. It makes Tsuna twitch to learn this about the Vongola's architecture. Not all of the Vongola heads chose to use this study. The third did, and the fourth, and the seventh. The ninth had used it for private conferences, but never for anything important, he had his own room, that Tsuna referred to as the 'throne room', for that.

Tsuna signs and sits down on the heavy wooden chair, his elbows resting on velvet and his hands curling around walnut. Reborn does not allow him to have a more comfortable chair, he says it wouldn't give off the right image.

Tsuna starts his day by digging out his laptop and flipping through all the news sent to his inbox. Gokudera set up some sort of web, or feeder program, or news bulletin thing… Tsuna's not sure what Gokudera did, but he knows Gokudera did it, and that it means he gets all the articles with news about the mafia, the Vongola, the Vongola's businesses, and news of Tsuna's favorite sports team sent to his inbox every morning. It is better than reading the morning paper even, because he gets all the news from various sources. Tsuna logs on and begins sifting through all the news for anything worth while, and seconds later Reborn wanders into the room, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, the morning's papers in the other.

"There was a murder last night." Reborn sips at his coffee, takes a seat in the one expensive, uncomfortable couch against the side wall. "Just down the road."

'Just down the road' rarely means 'just down the road'. Sometimes it does not even mean 'in the same country'. Tsuna has learned these things over time. The fact that Reborn brings up something so mundane as a murder does make Tsuna interested though. Murder is de rigueur for the Mafia. Even if the Vongola doesn't dabble in as much killing as they used to, they still engage in assassination, and what many would consider murder. The Varia takes care of a lot of it, but Tsuna and his guardians are unwilling to allow threats to the family to exist. Tsuna may have learned from his predecessors, and may feel the weight of their sins as well as his, but this is the Mafia, and there is a set of rules he must play by. Playing for keeps allows him to keep playing at all.

"They didn't hide the body very well," Reborn continues. His tone is disapproving, Reborn does not like sloppy work.

Tsuna frowns over the edge of his sleek black computer. He has never liked Reborn's habit of avoiding the point, especially when Reborn is trying to make a point. "Reborn…" Tsuna knows he sounds whiny, but at least his voice is no longer a squeaky teenager's. Reborn rustles his newspaper, turning the page. Reborn reaches for his coffee, set on a coaster on the side table. He picks it up and sips at it, setting it down with a clink before peering at Tsuna over the newspaper. The fact that Tsuna is less scared of Reborn as a man than he was of Reborn as a baby shows just how screwed up Tsuna's life is.

"Too close, we should step up security." The paper hides Reborn's eyes again, and Tsuna knows that is all Reborn will say. But what Reborn has said makes Tsuna interested. It means that the murder victim was not just close geographically, but was close to the Vongola family. Not close enough for Reborn to think it important to pursue the murder, but close enough that Reborn thought they should be on their guard.

Tsuna clicked on the next news link, murder victim, head bashed on the cobblestones, high alcohol content, blood trail. Poorly hidden body, but a hidden body none-the-less. Probably not a murder victim though. Tsuna scribbled the man's name down on a notepad, he'd need to send flowers.

Tsuna puts his computer to sleep and stands, nodding at Reborn as he walks out of the room. Reborn's newspaper rustles, signaling he's heard. Tsuna can see Leon peek over the edge of the newspaper. Tsuna walks to the dining room, the scent of breakfast is wafting through the hallways, getting stronger and stronger the closer Tsuna gets to the dining room. The kitchen was up as early as Tsuna was, earlier possibly, some of the usual breakfast recipes took a lot of time. "Tenth!" Gokudera claps Tsuna on the shoulder. Both are heading for the dining room. Meals together are tradition for the guardians, they feel more comfortable after breakfast and dinner spent talking strategy or just talking. "Good morning."

Gokudera has white circles under his eyes, and a tinge of red at the sides. He looks tired, and was probably up late the night before. Tsuna smiles at Gokudera, wondering if the other's research is going well. Gokudera spends his nights in the library, in his room, or out on Vongola business. It all depends on what the family needs from him, and what Tsuna is willing to take.

"Good morning, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna lets Gokudera's hand rest on his shoulder before Gokudera drops it, and sticks two fingers into his pants pockets as they walk. "Did you get the news about your sister?" Bianchi had been on a world wide culinary journey, exploring her poison cooking and discovering new foods. There was always someone going travelling in the house, Bianchi, Ryohei, Lambo, and I-Pin. Hibari was out of the house more often than he was in it, far more often than he was in it. Tsuna travelled to see his mother, or to meet with allies, or battle with enemies. Travelling for fun always lead to trouble, though Tsuna had been to Mafia Land twice with only a few minor problems, the other times Tsuna had been to Mafia Land bad things had happened. Lots and lots of bad things. That is why Tsuna does not take vacations.

"She sent me a letter." Gokudera wrinkles his nose. He's always been touchy on the subject of Bianchi, he doesn't want to talk about her. Tsuna keeps asking though, and maybe it is his role as the boss that allows him to get away with it, or maybe it is the fact that he is an only child and can not possibly understand siblings. Given that it's Gokudera, Tsuna is willing to put money down on it being the fact that he's the boss. "Something about finding 'a whole new type of poison cooking'. She's in Russia now."

Tsuna tried to remember anything he knew about Russia. ...there was ice, he knew that. Russia also had a mafia, but they seemed to be concerned mainly with porn. Tsuna would be WAY too embarrassed to be a mafia family if all he marketed was porn. It would be like, being a pimp or something. "That's good?"

If Tsuna was anyone else, or if Gokudera was any less loyal, Gokudera would probably be slanting him a 'you have got to be kidding me' look. Tsuna tries to make inroads into being better friends with Gokudera, but since his placement as the boss they have been steadily sliding apart. Gokudera fits the roll of right hand man to a tea, but this means that Tsuna is left without a best friend. Sometimes Gokudera forgets his place, and those times are becoming more and more frequent as Tsuna works at chipping away at the Mafia's rules and regulations. Of course, Gokudera is always incredibly professional in public.

"Boss," Gokudera stops Tsuna just outside the dining room. "Your tie is off." Gokudera fixes Tsuna's tie, adjusting the knot, straightening it. The tie tightens like a noose around Tsuna's neck, but at no point reaches the point of 'too tight'. Gokudera is too good for that.

A group of the house staff walk by, some of them holding hands over their mouths and suppressing giggles. Gokudera never seems to notice the effect he has on women, but Tsuna does.

They walk into the breakfast room to find Yamamoto and Lambo already there. Lambo's head is laid to the side of his place setting, his teenaged cheek pressed flat against the hard wood table, a little drool slipping out of the corner of his mouth. Tsuna smiles slightly and shakes Lambo's shoulder. Early mornings and teenage hormones don't mix, Tsuna knows. The shaking doesn't work, it never does, and Tsuna knows the rest of the morning routine by heart. He lets go and walks around the table to the head, and Gokudera viciously smacks the back of Lambo's head. Lambo starts, his head moving away from the slap, and then his body rearing back.

"OW!" He protests, rubbing fingers through tangled messy curls to rub the back of his head. "You hit me!" Lambo glares accusingly at Gokudera, tears and sleep clinging to the ends of his long eyelashes.

"Tch." Gokudera's fingers twitch, and his teeth grit in a way that cries for a cigarette. "Shut up." Some days the retort is different, some days there is no retort at all. Gokudera leaves Lambo to his sniffling and walks to the seat at Tsuna's right hand.

Yamamoto is sitting at Tsuna's left, and his head is leaned back, resting against the carved back of the chair. The chairs are another Vongola antique, from the fifth. They have been reupholstered several times, the color and fabric and padding changing over the years, but the elaborate carved headpiece stays the same. Tsuna never understands why the Vongola can't have *simple* designs… "Yamamoto." The staff begins to bring out the coffee, setting steaming cups at every seat filled. Lambo waves his off and asks for milk, like every morning. "Yamamoto." Tsuna calls again.

Some days Yamamoto is more awake than others.

"Tch." Gokudera fingers the cutlery with a look in his eye Tsuna would sooner not think about. "OI. BASEBALL IDIOT." Lambo and the staff flinch, but Tsuna is used to the volume level. It is nowhere near as bad as the Varia's monthly check-ins. (Though the Varia would deny that there were check-ins, or that they happened on a regular schedule.) "Wake the hell up."

Tsuna watches as Yamamoto's eyelids flicker, not nearly as long as Lambo's, and raise. Tired eyes blink slowly, but focus quickly. Yamamoto is never off his guard, and Tsuna always thinks that Yamamoto is awake before Tsuna and Gokudera even enter the room, he just likes to play this game. "Oh, hey Gokudera, Tsuna." Yamamoto's smile stretches slowly, like the sun climbing over the horizon. "What's for breakfast?" Yamamoto has bags under his eyes, small ones, black to Gokudera's white. Neither of his two closest guardians slept well last night. Tsuna wonders if they were up together, but then discards the notion. Yamamoto might be willing to spend the night with Gokudera, but Gokudera would end up blowing up a portion of the mansion.

And yesterday's explosion had not been Gokudera's fault.

The rest of the household shuffle in. Kyoko sits at the foot of the table today, so tomorrow it will be Haru. The two of them rotate out. As much as many people think that Tsuna having two devoted girlfriends is a sign of his charisma, many think of it as wrong, and no one seems to realize how much effort the two girls put forth in order to keep the playing field level. There was an American comic that Tsuna has heard referenced concerning his situation, Archie, apparently the male character eventually had to make a choice after years of dithering, and hadn't made the expected choice. Eventually Tsuna will have to get married but for now Tsuna enjoys the harmonious balance between he, Haru, and Kyoko. Everything good in Tsuna's life seems to come in threes, or triangles. Triangles must be his lucky shape, and three his lucky number. He would not know though, Tsuna was never into astrology.

Ryohei and Hibari's chairs sit empty halfway down the table, Bianchi's too. Reborn sits beside Bianchi's chair, his newspaper set aside, but he keeps his coffee. Chrome appears and she takes a careful seat in the chair next to Hibari's. Tsuna never questions how Chrome can be there, some days she is not. Tsuna knows that some day the line between Chrome and the Vongola may be drawn, with Chrome standing on the side of Mukuro. For now though she tries to join him and the rest of the family for breakfast. Tsuna appreciates it.

They say grace.

Few but the Italians are particularly religious. Even Gokudera admits to being agnostic. Reborn believes that some things are important to a mafia family, and the Vongola have been saying grace for millennia, and they will continue to do so. They shake things up sometimes, saying grace in different languages, or for different religions. Never can they get away with a simple 'itadakimasu'.

The food is delicious as always, the kitchen staff always seeming to improve. They even include a few Japanese selections, which have gotten far better than they were when Tsuna originally came to Italy. Japanese and Italian food are nearly as different as night and day, but the cooks have made an effort to make Tsuna feel at home. They were used to making strange food on request from Iemistu anyway, and it is one of the few times Tsuna actually feels thankful to his dad. He is also thankful his dad has gone off on some sort of a lovely 'renew our marriage through extensive vacationing' vacation with his mom. At least for the time being, Tsuna knows that Iemistu will show up when Tsuna least expects it. Just to make sure that he doesn't do that to today, Tsuna directs his eyes to the door and 'expects'.

Yamamoto jostles his shoulder. "Something wrong?" From down the table Reborn smiles slightly at Tsuna, like he knows what Tsuna is thinking. Tsuna makes a mental note to manipulate someone into telling Reborn it's rude to wear hats indoors.

Tsuna blinks. Well, he went and expected it right? That meant he had fended off his dad for at least another week. "Just thinking about things, Yamamoto." Tsuna smiles, and Yamamoto smiles back, and the two of them start discussing things. Like clockwork, or just really well trained family, this lets the rest of the family fall into conversation as they eat. Breakfast is soon demolished, even the pickiest of eaters eat something, and Tsuna makes sure to say goodbye, or good day, to everyone who makes their way out. Soon it is Yamamoto, Gokudera, Tsuna, and Reborn sitting in the breakfast room, their plates being carted off by the kitchen staff. Gokudera's coffee cup is half empty, while Yamamoto's is half full. Gokudera's coffee also has cream and sugar added, while Yamamoto prefers his black.

Tsuna is having tea, like usual.

"What's on the roster today, Tsuna?" Yamamoto leans forward, his elbows planted on the scarred and sturdy table. It hurts Tsuna's elbows when he does that, he doesn't understand how Yamamoto manages.

"Nothing much." Tsuna sips at his tea, flavored with a little honey. "Just…" And Tsuna tells his two most trusted friends and guardians what he needs that day. Most of it is routine, what Yamamoto and Gokudera usually do, some of it is new, things that have only come to Tsuna's attention today, or things that didn't need to be done before. Light slants in through the dining room's windows, a shaft of light hitting Gokudera in the eyes so that the man leans forward out of the sun, the golden light gracing his fine, pale hair instead. Yamamoto's eyes are dark in the light, and his hands are folded together, his chin resting against his knuckles. Tsuna makes sure to mention the murder, and notes by Gokudera's scowl and the slight downward twist of Yamamoto's mouth that neither knew. Yamamoto's coffee goes cold, but Gokudera finishes his even though lukewarm coffee is disgusting. Tsuna finishes off his tea as well, and the daily meeting of Vongola Head and his two guardians breaks apart. At some point Reborn had slipped out of the dining room unnoticed.

Tsuna heads back to his study, he has calls to make. Sometimes Tsuna has bills to pay, or letters to write. Tsuna likes to keep abreast of the situation with Vongola that are either undercover, out of the country, or out on a job. Sometimes messages cannot be sent back and forth, if someone from the family is undercover Tsuna operates on hearsay. Thankfully that's only if things are really bad. Tsuna flips through a letter from Ryohei, pages and pages of scrawled writing describing the feeling of the sun on his muscles, and his struggles with the language. Tsuna imagined that English had to be really hard, considering that Ryohei graduated class valedictorian twice in middle school, and then again in high school. He had not managed to get the top marks in University, that had gone to Irie Shouichi. Tsuna folds up the letter and places it back in it's envelope. Staring down at the white enveloped with Ryohei's black scrawling addressing he ponders a response. Ryohei is engaging in the boxing network in America, but he is also looking into chances for the Vongola to import or export, or places where they need to make their presence known. There are families out there like the Estraneo, and Tsuna will not stand for that type of thing to happen again.

Pulling up Word on his computer Tsuna begins typing a reply to Ryohei. He offers to buy Ryohei a new cell phone. Ryohei regularly breaks, short circuits, or loses his phone, and there is a special portion of the budget allocated for cell phones.

Cell phones and motorcycles were both a large portion of the Vongola's expenditures.

Tsuna finishes up his paperpwork and leaves his office around lunch. Lunch is an informal affair with the family. The kitchen puts out a buffet style meal in the dining room, all the foods lined up on the sideboard. Or you can stop into the kitchen and put together your own meal. Some days Tsuna skips lunch entirely, but mostly Tsuna grabs something from the kitchen, a sandwich, something quick. After eating Tsuna walks down to the garage. He has a collection of motorcycles down in the garage. He has vintage motorcycles, and new motorcycles, some which have been modified by Giannini, some which Tsuna tinkers with himself. Some of them are broken, but most of them run perfectly. Tsuna likes to take drives sometimes, around the estate, or through the countryside. It depends on his time limit. Today Tsuna barely enters the garage before he hears an explosion.

There is an explosion at least once a week, generally twice. The Vongola has taken precautions to remove flammables and incendiaries, but there are always things they haven't thought of. The science wing is specially built to withstand explosions, and to evacuate easily, but Tsuna could not prepare for everything. Moscas go haywire, or short circuit, or self destruct, boxes go wild, elements are channeled into the wrong thing, light circuiting goes wrong and flipping a switch becomes dangerous. Tsuna has never understood why the Vongola began developing a science division, but moscas that no longer require someone inside to fly them are very intimidating, and that keeps a lot of families from being antagonistic. It does however prompt many mafia families to investigate how to get their own black ops weapons, which levels the playing field and levels up the damage done. Every time blood is spilled Tsuna feels more and more grateful towards bloodless negotiations.

There are other causes behind explosions beyond the Science division, and Tsuna steps out of the garage to check for smoke. He glances to his right towards the main entrance, and notes that a few pillars on the porch have come down. There is a little smoke, and Tsuna can almost hear Gokudera's extensive cursing.

Dino then, or Lambo.

Dino Calvallone tries to visit twice a month. Visits do not include mafia business, or meeting up outside of the house. Tsuna jogs across the well manicured lawn, casting a casual glance over the damage. Dino has been getting better and better at spending time away from his men, but it's rare for Dino to come visit the Vongola without Romario, and even if Romario is parking the car in the drive he is never out of range for Dino. The damage is not terrible, but it's not fabulous either. Two pillars are down, and Tsuna notes that the damage is done on the section of the porch that overlooks the pond.

Okay, so either Lambo or Enzio.

"Gokudera-kun." Tsuna waves when he's around 500 feet away, and Gokudera turns. Tsuna jogs up and looks at the collapsed pillars. "What happened?"

"That idiot." Gokudera lights a cigarette and Tsuna does his best not to breath. 'That idiot' can still be anyone. That idiot could be Yamamoto, Lambo, Gianini, Dino, 'that idiot' is never Tsuna though… at least Tsuna does not think so. "That stupid cow," okay, so it was Lambo, "bumped into that idiot horse," Dino too, that was unusual to say the least, "and his goddamn turtle went flying."

Tsuna blinks, he is urged to make a pun but…

"What a zoo." Yamamoto laughs at his own joke, standing behind Gokudera where he wasn't seconds before. Gokudera doesn't even bother to turn around and snarl, he just tosses his still lit butt back at Yamamoto's face. "Ah ha ha, ow." Yamamoto ducks easily away, grinding the butt out on the lawn with his heel. He does it casually, like stepping back on the cigarette is the most natural thing in the world. "So where is everyone?"

Gokudera pulls out a new cigarette, lights it, and motions with the cigarette at the pile of debris. "Coming."

Romario emerges first, and Dino and Lambo climb out afterwards. Enzio is held in Dino's left hand, his whip wrapped tightly around the shell. Dino smiles at waves at Tsuna, his smile almost a smirk. Tsuna starts walking towards the trio, Gokudera and Yamamoto fall in behind him. "Dino-san." Tsuna holds out his hand to shake, looking up into Dino's smiling face. "It's nice to see you again."

Dino shakes his hand, and if someone was to take a picture of it from the right angle they would look like a screenshot from a mafia movie. Dust and debris and Dino's shining smile. You could even ignore the fact that Dino still dressed like a free floating teenager and the wriggling turtle trapped in his whip. Tsuna, despite his suit, still looks like an unsure teenager. "Yo, little bro." Dino shakes Tsuna's hand and drops it. "How's it going?"

Tsuna can already tell it's going to be one of those days that Dino's visit is about mafia business. Tsuna has a routine, and so does Dino, and Dino's greeting tells Tsuna that once they're inside and behind closed doors, Dino will drop the bomb. If Tsuna's lucky, it'll be about Hibari and Dino's last visit to the other man. If Tsuna's unlucky it will be about the dead man in the newspaper.

There is a pattern, a routine to their operations, to the happenings around them. Things come to Reborn, Reborn comes to Tsuna, Dino hears things, and makes a visit, Gokudera and Yamamoto are worried, and the two stay up late working to cover Tsuna's assets.

"Want to go inside, Dino-san? I think lunch is still being served."
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Oooh, I love the domestic feel in this (and yet there's the shadow of the dead man in the background) ♥ And I don't think I've ever read a fic where Kyoko and Haru are both Tsuna's girlfriends. Nice work!
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I loved how all the unusual things are just all in a day's work for this crazy bunch. Your descriptions are beautiful to read through, thank you!